Clear The Way For Solar Panels

Solar panels have become common sights in cities across the nation, not only on homes, but on businesses too. There are some issues that you have to address before getting the panels installed, but once you've taken care of those, you should have a clear path. Adding solar power to your property is a positive development, but these issues can result in unpleasant surprises if you don't take care of them ahead of time.

Ensure Access to Fixtures on Roof

One such issue is roof access. Many commercial buildings have flat or low-slope roofs with equipment on top, such as compressors. The panels don't have to take up the entire roof space, but if you've got a small roof, they could create cramped conditions. You have to ensure that there's enough room left around the other equipment that workers will be able to access, repair, and replace the equipment without a problem.

Not the Skyline They Hoped to See

Another problem might be views from neighboring buildings. Solar panels are sometimes tilted to get maximum light, and that can affect views from decks and balconies from neighboring buildings. Whether or not the occupants of the other buildings will be able to block or delay your panel installation varies from place to place, but check with the local building permit office to see what notice you need to give to neighboring buildings. Of course, if you're installing a ground array, or the roof panels won't be tilted so much that they block the view from other buildings, you shouldn't have to worry about notifying anyone.

Keep the Roof Safe

Also call the company that installed your current roof if the roof is still under a warranty. Sometimes installing solar panels can void the warranty, though this may depend on the type of panels and where exactly they will be installed on the roof. Roof companies do understand that their customers may want to install panels in the future; the issue with the warranty stems from the possibility that the panels will require bolts going into the roof in several places only to have those bolts improperly sealed (resulting in leaks). The roof company should be able to work with you and settle any warranty issues.

Once you have taken care of these things -- and a solar panel installation company like Solar Energy Services might be able to help you with some of them -- you should be good to go regarding installation. You'll find that being able to generate your own electricity is so beneficial, you'll wonder why you waited as long as you did.