4 Fantastic The-Future-Is-Now Uses For A DIY Solar Energy Starter Kit

In case you haven't noticed, the future is coming very fast. From 3D printers that can whip up new shoes, tea cups, and guitars, to chicken and duck cells that can grow you a meal in a Petri dish, the world is changing at breakneck speeds. Solar energy has kept up with this trend, offering more ways to customize, modernize, and turn odd places into cool living quarters. Here are four fantastic uses for efficient DIY solar energy kits that will make you glad that future is coming at you so fast, for the most part.

1. The Home You Live In

Whether you're interested in saving money on your energy bill, converting your house to something more environmentally-friendly, or the thought of power-outages makes you edgy, putting a solar energy kit together on your roof or perhaps in your backyard could would help you to meet some or all of these challenges. The cost of heating, cooling, and operating a home isn't going down anytime soon, and even if global warming isn't as serious as some scientists claim, polluting the Earth isn't doing anyone any good, particularly for future generations of children and wildlife.

Additionally, if you read the more off-beat media, such as the ones who predict population expansion, government corruption, or alien invasions could zap the energy supplies right off the grids, you're going to feel much more at ease with your own source of power on tap. No matter why you want to harness the power of the sun for personal energy, there's no better way to do it than with a starter kit. You can shop within a wide variety of price-ranges and DIY abilities, and with most home solar energy starter kits, you maintain the option of expanding as your knowledge or needs grow.

2. The Home You Vacation In

If you're fortunate enough to own a summer or vacation cabin, it probably needs some modernization in the energy department. However, that doesn't mean you want to spend a fortune on the temporary electricity needed to run the place. Installing a solar energy setup could give the cabin everything your family needs to enjoy it, without an outrageous electric bill. Solar kits are customizable in size, form, and function; thus enabling you to establish power on your own terms and according to the existing structure you're dealing with.

3. The Converted Vehicle You Wish You Lived In

The coolest homes on wheels are the ones born of great necessity, imagination, and ingenuity; if you've been dreaming of converting an old school bus or other large vehicle into a second or mobile home, a solar energy starter kit will get you rolling in the right direction. Consider using older items from your home to furnish the new cruiser, like the recliner gathering dust in your basement or the roll-away bed stashed in a closet. Furniture can be transformed into stable, attached pieces, making them safe for fast stopping. A converted vehicle could be used to travel the country or for weekend camping trips, but might also serve as a tangible, magnificent new home if you facilitate it comfortably and have a viable means of powering it, such as with a solar kit.

4. The Tiny Home You'd Have More Disposable Income Living In

Tiny homes are gaining more popularity lately, and it's no wonder, with the rising cost of home ownership and even rent all over the country, particularly in places where you're more likely to find a great job, such as San Fransisco or Portland. Tiny homes utilize all the space in a given area, no matter how little is available. You could turn an extra parcel of land in your backyard into a money-making in-law type apartment or use the space yourself for a growing family. If the modern world is giving you too much stress lately, consider packing your worldly possessions into a small space and powering it with affordable, effective solar power.

A tiny home on the corner of nowhere could be just what you need to feel invigorated and inspired again, getting back to nature, in touch with yourself and able to forget all about that fast-moving future coming your way, albeit temporarily.

When you're prepared for the future, it's going to be a much happier place for you. Whether you're looking to upgrade, downgrade, modernize or minimize, solar energy is an awesome power that you can do a lot with.